Volume 95, Issue 48

Tuesday, November 27, 2001
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GWAR brings violence to music

GWAR brings violence to music


Violence Has Arrived

Metal Blade Records

Four stars (out of five)

Not only is Violence Has Arrived the title of GWAR's latest album, but, after the first listen, that title becomes a true statement.

GWAR is all about hate.

To try to understand how much hate is packed into this album, picture a nice old lady crossing the street, pushing her cute granddaughter in a stroller. Now picture a guy running them over in his Mack truck for pure enjoyment.

That said, this is not an album for the weak-hearted. With songs titles like "Beauteous Rot," "Anti-Anti-Christ" and "Pile Driver," it's easy to see one must be able to take a joke to listen.

But is this album a joke? No way.

Violence Has Arrived is one of this year's best heavy metal albums. GWAR has in no way compromised their art for the popularity of mainstream metal.

The album's energy is electrifying. From the first track "Hell Intro" to the final song "Happy Death Day," GWAR keeps the body moving and head bobbing.

Violence Has Arrived is worth a listen just to see what will be said next. Honestly, what line can possibly follow "Happy Death Day to Columbine?"

But be forewarned, once you've heard this album, you'll probably want to listen to it again.

–Myles DeRosse

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