Volume 95, Issue 48

Tuesday, November 27, 2001
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Randa! Come forward and pick up your salute

The sleeping urge of unity

The sleeping urge of unity

To the Editor:

First came the planes and the world came to a halt. Not for long, however, because life had to go on and it did, but unfortunately not for all of us.

Afterwards, the celebrities began preaching the further existence of the spirit of the Western world. Does it really remain 'existing' or did it just start existing?

Why does the world need tragic or even earth shattering events to wake the sleeping urge of unity and brotherhood?

"I love New York." Do you love New York? Right now, certainly – but will you love New York in a couple of years? When the last TV commercials are off the air, the last newspaper articles move into the culture and history section and the last billboards are over-glued with an ad for your favourite car.

How long will it take until this pride becomes prejudice? It started already.

Is separation the price for safety? Is safety the price for standing up for what you believe in? Standing up for what I believe in is definitely not the price I am willing to pay.

Nikolas Oelkrug

Computer Engineering II

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