Volume 95, Issue 48

Tuesday, November 27, 2001
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CHRW forgoes hygiene for cash

By Paolo Zinatelli
Gazette Staff

If pulling an all-nighter is torture, the two-day, self-induced consciousness by two members of Western's student radio station may be pure madness.

CHRW 94.7 FM began their annual marathon yesterday at 11 a.m., with programme director Tom Everett and music director Chris Veit ready to go live-to-air for 48 consecutive hours.

For a minimum $2 donation, they will play any requested song from their collection of 3,000 vinyl records and CDs or from listeners who bring their own music, Everett said.

"Last year, someone paid $10 to play Celine Dion and, I think, 45 seconds, later someone else paid $20 to stop," he said.

Everett and Veit are forbidden to sleep during the event and there are no breaks, except for the occasional washroom run, said CHRW general manager Mario Circelli said.

"Personal hygiene can get a little tentative at hour 36 – and come hour 45, personal hygiene is just gone," Circelli said, adding no one has yet fallen asleep during the marathon, which has taken place since 1994.

"[The goal] is to increase visibility," said CHRW board of directors chair Rob Irvine, who is also VP-finance for the University Students' Council.

Irvine said the station runs the marathon to raise money for CHRW's operating budget but, more importantly, to increase visibility among the Western audience.

Students are paying for this service and it exists for their benefit, he added.

Chris Webden, a third-year physiology and psychology student, said he listens to the station frequently and has faith in the DJs.

"They're going to get tired, but they can do it, I believe in them," he said.

Since CHRW is a non-profit station, all the money raised goes towards making up the shortfall in their operating budget, Circelli said. "Last year they raised about $600 and this year, I think they're hoping for $1,000."

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