Volume 95, Issue 49

Wednesday, November 28, 2001
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Let's celebrate Atkins the artist

You're part of the problem

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You're part of the problem

To the Editor:

Enough already about the "W-boys"/"W-girls" calendar. Does sex sell? Yes. Has charity been used as a feeble excuse for a tasteless idea? Probably.

Society promotes stereotypical ideals everyday. Turn on your TV if you're in doubt. Has Atkins borrowed from society's deepening well of sexism and prejudice? Indeed it seems he has. This is the world we live in and it's not changing any time soon. My advice – get over it.

One's self-esteem should neither be inflated nor deflated by a mere photograph. I do not think anybody, woman or man, should feel degraded by the depiction of 'popular images' in the calendars – slightly humoured maybe, but definitely not degraded.

So what if your face was on the 2001 "W-girls" calendar? In less than a year the calendar will be in a garbage can or recycling bin anyway – if you're lucky.

So what if your face was not on the calendar – neither were the faces of at least 26,000 other Western students.

If the calendar makes you think less of yourself, you are part of the problem because you are buying into the idea that the images portrayed are ideal images.

If we truly believe beauty is diverse and encompasses a wide range of ages, body types, facial features and ethnic groups, this calendar should not have such an impact on us.

I recommend doing what most students here seem to have done – shrug your shoulders, say 'whatever' and opt to donate your money (if you have any) through the Red Cross.

In any case, let's turn our energies to more important issues and spend less time making a celebrity out of Lucas Atkins and his 'celebration of the human form.'

Betty Onyura

Psychology/English II

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