Volume 95, Issue 49

Wednesday, November 28, 2001
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UWO Rankings

UWO Rankings

Re: "Oh yeah baby, screw me harder," Nov. 21

To the Editor:

As arbitrary as Maclean's university rankings may seem, it is unfortunate that Western's recent "sixth" is construed by some as a sign of something lacking in our academic programs.

Although governments have found the funding of post-secondary education a problematic endeavour in recent years, Western has done quite a good job of maintaining and modernizing its curriculum with only modest tuition increases.

The money has to come from somewhere and we're still getting our education at 10-30 per cent of what it might cost south of the border.

I can't fairly speak for "superpsych," but I can maintain I have never had a problem contacting a professor in any capacity at any time during my three years here.

They have treated me as an intellectual equal and even occasionally volunteered their lab space to my ideas. I sincerely doubt I would get that level of treatment no matter what I paid the American Ivey League or other five Canadian schools that "outranked" us.

At the end of the day, education has to come from within. It's what we do with the knowledge that matters and not how fast our computers run or whether or not we opt out of certain benefit packages.

It is unfair to so harshly criticize the outstanding intellectual leaders that are here and are working hard to make our community stronger.

Joe Barfett

Chemical/Biochemical Engineering III

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