Volume 95, Issue 49

Wednesday, November 28, 2001
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Let's celebrate Atkins the artist

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Let's celebrate Atkins the artist

Re: "W Calendars cause lower self-worth?," Nov. 21

To the Editor:

After reading a number of oppositions to the "W" calendars (which are for a charitable cause might I remind you), I continue to ask myself 'why?'

Why is it that we get all up in arms when someone looks attractive? Should sexy people hide behind baggy clothes to avoid being objectified? Should we hide and feel ashamed of our bodies?

People have been quick to attack the slogan mentioned in previous letters – that the calendars are a "celebration of the human form." Never once did anyone claim that the calendars were a celebration of every human form.

It is hard to deny, however, that the calendars are a celebration of beautiful people – sorry, I guess I should word it 'physically' beautiful people.

Some miss the fact that beauty and sexual appeal are undeniable human qualities (obviously along with many others). I see nothing wrong with showcasing these qualities.

Acknowledging someone's assets and finding someone sexy and attractive is not the same as objectifying them. Do we jump all over people for showcasing other types of qualities? No.

For instance, if people like a piece of art, we don't accuse them of only recognizing the narrow and one-dimensional artistic side of the artist. Do we look at the artist as an object only capable of art? No.

Then why do we then feel it appropriate to claim that physical appearance is an objectifiable trait and quality? The only thing I take from the views that oppose this charitable cause is that there are a lot of jealous, envious people out there who don't like their own bodies and are afraid to admit that having a healthy, sexual body is not a bad thing.

Some people are smart, some are athletic, some artistic and, yes, some are beautiful. Some are a mixture of them all – what's wrong with that? We must compliment people and encourage them to have confidence in their bodies.

We must stop discouraging people from being proud of their bodies. This is what leads to self-esteem and confidence problems.

In conclusion, enjoy the calendar. I know I did – and I'm okay with that.

Derek McLeod

Psychology III

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