Volume 95, Issue 50

Thursday, November 29, 2001
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2001: far wackier than a space odyssey

A look back at 2001

Western's newsmakers, in soundbite form

Chretien remains The Lord of the Rings

Western's newsmakers, in soundbite form

"I'm not running to be the president - I am the president."
-Dave Braun, the 2000-2001 University Students' Council president, on running for a second term.

"People say they'd be good for the job and good for the council. The difference is, I know I'd be good for the job."
-Mike Lawless, USC presidential candidate (and current president), January 30.

"My first reaction is shock and sadness for the whole situation."
- Gerry Killan, King's College President, after a gun threat at the affiliate college, January 17.

"Ontario universities are dramatically underfunded - there is a serious crisis occurring in this province."
-Greg Moran, Western's VP-academic, explaining the reasons for Western's tuition hike, February 27.

"The code sets out a clear understanding of the expectations we have of members of our student community."
-Roma Harris, Western's vice provost and registrar, regarding the new Student Code of Conduct.

"[Paul Davenport] loves France, its landscape, its weather and its 19th century writing. [He] also loves France due to his love of a French lady."
-Hugues Goisbault, Consul General of France in Toronto, on Paul Davenport's French knighthood, May 31.

"I then turned and yelled to my friend - 'Oh my God! He's whacking off!'"
-anonymous female student, after a naked masturbator sighting in a tunnel linking the Social Sciences Centre with the University Community Centre, October 30.

"It's just bullshit."
-First-year student Christopher Gregory on the lack of bedrooms in Western's residences, September 11.

"It hit close to home."
-Sarah Meyanathan, third-year social science student, after the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Centre, September 11.

"It is important to show that all faiths, all people of the world are concerned - to show solidarity, show the university community that everyone is getting together and condemning this attack."
-Josh Shuval, president of the Jewish Students' Union, at a Sept. 11 memorial service, September 13.

"The girls are not naked - it's just beautiful women all dressed up."
-Luke Atkins, second-year honours business and administration student, on the "W-girls" calendar, September 20.

"Win or lose, Waterloo still sucks."
-Wes Brown, USC VP-student affairs, after Western was defeated by the Waterloo Warriors in this year's Homecoming football game, October 2.

"If this sets a pattern, it will change the entire dynamics of student life on campus."
-Chris Sinal, chair of the ad hoc Senate committee, after the canceling of an engineering movie night set a precedent under the Student Code of Conduct, October 4.

"We do not believe the rankings measure the quality of education we offer our students and we believe our students understand that."
-Western president Paul Davenport on Western's sixth place ranking in the annual Maclean's university ranking, November 13.

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