Volume 95, Issue 50

Thursday, November 29, 2001
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USC endorses Harris and his initiatives?

U.S. in foreign policy-induced situation

Hey, don't blame the media

USC endorses Harris and his initiatives?

Re: "PC Club donation creates controversy," Nov. 22

To the Editor:

Following Sept. 11, George W. Bush and world leaders stood side by side, claiming not only would terrorists be punished, but those who provide the financial means to them would also be punished.

Bush has even said "if you fund a terrorist, you are a terrorist." Bush is correct in his assertion – those who provide financial support to a terrorist organization are not only endorsing their actions, but giving them the means to do so.

Thus, I was disturbed by Tim Shortill's most recent comment pertaining to a speech made by Jessica McLaughlin on my behalf to council last Wednesday.

Shortill's claim that a grant of $750 to send delegates to the provincial Progressive Conservative Policy Convention does not mean the University Students' Council endorses or condones the actions of any of the groups is utterly absurd.

As I argued in my speech to council, the USC would not grant me $750 to attend a convention of the Neo-Nazis and justifiably so. But why?

What this metaphor illustrates is that the USC uses discretion in how they encourage students to participate in society. The USC passes negative judgment on some associations and positive judgments on others.

By granting this money to the PC club, the USC seems to be endorsing the Harris Government and its initiatives. As the USC has indicated through its affiliation with Ontario Undergraduate Students' Association, the provincial Tories have been a detriment to post-secondary education, raising fees 150% and undermining its quality.

It is thus utterly incomprehensible that the USC would donate money to a group it is supposedly lobbying against!

Matt Rae

History III

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