Volume 95, Issue 50

Thursday, November 29, 2001
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Hey, don't blame the media

Hey, don't blame the media

Re: "Muslim prof discusses jihad and holy war," Nov. 22

To the Editor:

I would like to applaud Munir El-Kassem for providing some enlightenment in clarifying the meaning of the term 'jihad.'

I appreciated reading the article by Mike Marinett, as I learned something I did not previously know.

I do take issue with the wording of some of the comments in the article. The quote from Adham Benni stating that "the media has distorted the image of Islam as a bloodthirsty people" and El-Kassem's point that "jihad has been misunderstood in Canadian society" are misleading.

They are attributing blame to the wrong groups. The media has not distorted the image of Islam. Osama bin Laden, the Taliban and any terrorist who claims to be Muslim are the ones distorting the image of Islam.

It is very important to clarify the meaning of particular terms that non-Muslims (not just Canadians in general) are not familiar with, such as what El-Kassem did on Nov. 22, but it is also important to be accurate when discussing who is at fault for those misconceptions.

Just as it is wrong to stereotype Muslims to be terrorists, so too it is wrong to brandish the media for portraying false images of Islam.

The terrorists are alone responsible for profaning the religion of Islam. No one who would commit such atrocities could ever be a true follower of such a peaceful religion such as Islam, no matter what they might claim to be.

Alan Anthony

Philosophy Staff

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