Volume 95, Issue 50

Thursday, November 29, 2001
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Less housing available in London

By Kristina Lundblad
Gazette Staff

If you plan on looking for a new place to live next year, you may want to start looking sooner rather than later.

According to a study released Monday by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, London's vacancy rate dropped to 1.6 per cent in October, down from 2.2 per cent the year before.

Ken Sumnall, CMHC manager in London, said this particular study focused on private apartments in the metropolitan area, but the university area – the city's the north end – has the same vacancy rate of 1.6 per cent.

Sumnall said London's vacancy figure should not be too alarming, considering many Ontario cities have a substantially lower rate.

"Homelessness and affordable housing is a real issue with us already," said Ward Two councillor Rob Alder.

Alder said the city's housing task force looks at housing conditions and what kind of budget exists to make sure the current supply of housing is maintained.

This year, the task force discovered that London will need 700 new affordable housing units every year for the next 10 years to deal with the current problem, he said.

To alleviate such costs, Alder said the provincial and federal governments need to shoulder some of the financial burden.

Glenn Matthews, Western's housing mediation officer, said he is not concerned about London's housing situation at this point. Matthews said he will most likely not have concerns brought to him until March, when most off-campus students look for homes.

Shaunna Goode, a first-year health sciences student, said she is currently living in residence this year, but plans to get to find a place to live off-campus next year.

Goode said she has heard prices are high and that it can be tough to find a house, but added she has bigger concerns right now.

"I can't worry about this now –I have exams to worry about first."

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