Volume 95, Issue 51

Friday, November 30, 2001
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Porn o' Plenty

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Porn o' Plenty

By Dale Wyatt
Gazette Staff

With the Christmas season gearing up and exams hanging like weights around your neck, you should really schedule some relaxation time.

How about a pornographic video to spark those inner yearnings and soothe your stress?

The movie Dream Quest is not your run-of-the-mill porno. Instead of unpretentious, no-nonsense sex using simplistic special effects and mediocre acting, Dream Quest maintains a sense of class.

With this release, production company Wicked Pictures have raised the porno bar.

They demonstrate how – with a little creativity and not too lethargic a script – the average sex romp can be transformed into an enjoyable movie.

The main character Sarah (Jenna Jameson) is asked by two fairies from another world to help save fantasy from the clutches of the evil tyrant Vladamir (Herschee Savage).

After being transported through her bedroom mirror, Sarah visits a dark, mysterious world inhabited by ogres, trolls and fairies. Her first encounter is with the fairy Aracna (Asia Carrera), who has the task of loosening Sarah up – no pun intended.

Sarah continues her quest to find Vladamir and runs into many different situations that, inevitably, all lead to sex.

The girls' bodies are covered in sparkles, they wear white and gold outfits and have their hair done beautifully. The guys either wear medieval armour or are made to look like creepy trolls.

Another aspect of this production which deviates from ordinary porno is the lack of cheesy funk music during the sex scenes. Instead, we are treated to pleasant choral melodies similar to those in classic adventure films like Highlander.

The oral sex is reasonably performed and not too lengthy. Hypothetically speaking, while it may be nice to receive oral sex for a prolonged period of time, it quickly becomes boring and redundant to watch on-screen.

Dream Quest is filmed by Brad Armstrong. Careful not to exclude women's desires by giving equal camera time to both sexes, he makes the video fit for couples. And, of course, there are two short lesbian scenes.

Armstrong also incorporates good camera angles during the plot advancement scenes. Sarah's journey through the foggy woods is especially nice and the scenery is terrific.

If you're only interested in an average porno, this film is not for you. However, if you want to sit back and watch an entire movie and be entertained – not only by the sex, but by the plot as well – Dream Quest is worth a try.

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