Volume 95, Issue 51

Friday, November 30, 2001
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I love UWO and I'm proud of it

Prof Atkinson, I love you

Boo-hoo Fortin

Prof Atkinson, I love you

Re: "Oh yeah baby, screw me harder," Nov. 21

To the Editor:

Curtis Jones declares in his latest rant that Western deserves to be ranked much lower than sixth in the Maclean's rankings.

He accuses superpsych of treating students like "cattle" and complains about the number of courses that use multiple choice exams and have limited contact between students and professors.

I'm wondering if Jones has ever taken superpsych. If he has, he would know that Professor Atkinson is one of the finest educators this school has and does anything but treat his students like [insert animal of choice here].

He makes his lectures much more engaging than many I have attended in which there were only 20 people in the class. Second, maybe now that you're in third year, you are noticing the classes are getting smaller.

There is also much more opportunity for individual participation, as well as other forms of tests, assignments and projects.

If you think you're getting screwed over by administration at Western, maybe you should take your money to a smaller, less image-oriented school such as Lakehead or Laurentian.

Graeme Haynes

MA Psychology Candidate I

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