Volume 95, Issue 51

Friday, November 30, 2001
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I love UWO and I'm proud of it

Prof Atkinson, I love you

Boo-hoo Fortin

Boo-hoo Fortin

Re: "USC, lap dances and charity," Nov. 21

To the Editor:

To our and many other Western students' dismay, The Gazette is littered with anti-W-calendar rant.

Give it up!

The calendars are popular. Women and men were objectified – so what? Obviously there is a demand for this 'objectification.' If there wasn't, sales would fail.

People will decide for themselves as consumers whether or not they want to see this type of display. Who nominated the anti-choice crusaders of the Women's Issues Network and the sociology department the dictators of Western's public morality?

Eric Fortin criticizes the University Students' Council decision to provide free space for the W-calendar sales. Did WIN pay for their protest space across the atrium with their money?

Not likely. In fact, not possible. In his unrelenting gusto of hypocrisy, Fortin ignores that the only money WIN has comes from a USC decision to empty our pockets and pay for their mindless propaganda. Boo-hoo!

Michael Liebrock

Politics III

Dave Forestell

Politics III

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