Volume 95, Issue 51

Friday, November 30, 2001
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I love UWO and I'm proud of it

Prof Atkinson, I love you

Boo-hoo Fortin

I love UWO and I'm proud of it

Re: "Oh yeah baby, screw us harder," Nov. 21

To the Editor:

Curtis Jones, have you ever even been to another university before?

Do you seriously think other universities don't have classes of 1,200 or don't use any multiple choice tests? Do you think their administration doesn't charge outrageous fees or that they have a free and competitive market for buying textbooks?

Of course not!

I have been to many universites and they are all exactly the same. They all use multiple choice testing; even small ones like Laurier where my brother happens to go.

Their administration is just as greedy as ours. Their parking problems are just as big. They have many corporate contracts and sponsorships, just like Western.

I can see my professor anytime. I know all my professors well, even in my classes of 400 or more. Multiple choice tests are not to educate, like you say – they evaluate what you should have learned.

So what is the problem here? The point is just because you aren't having a good time at Western, don't assume Western sucks. We have more school spirit, better programs and more fun than any other university I have been to.

I love Western and I am proud to go to the best university in the world. Before you judge it, think about what other universities are like. Then tell me we should have been ranked lower in Maclean's.

Mark Vanpee

Science IV

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