Volume 95, Issue 36

Tuesday, November 6, 2001
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This just in: CentreSpot's a huge ripoff

Let's open our eyes and look at each other

This just in: CentreSpot's a huge ripoff

To the Editor:

Many students, I have noticed, are outraged by the price of food in the CentreSpot. I have finally realized many food items are being double-taxed.

Luxury foods are only supposed to be charged 7 per cent sales tax, unless they exceed $5 (then 15 per cent is charged). As for essential foods, such as milk, no tax should be applied.

Just go to the grocery store and make note of the total price of milk and bread – no tax. Or go to McDonald's – only 7 per cent tax applied to the Big Mac or a soda.

I know we're in Canada and taxes are high, but there is a limit.

Next time you're purchasing something from the CentreSpot, question the price you're paying because, without a doubt, you're being ripped off.

Gina van den Burg

Political Science III

Marcus Casson

Civil Engineering/Computer Science III

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