Volume 95, Issue 36

Tuesday, November 6, 2001
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Manhunt on for naked masturbator

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Gang murders up 63 percent

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Manhunt on for naked masturbator

By Joel Brown
Gazette Staff

Naked and/or masturbating men on-campus beware.

The description of the suspect involved in a recent public masturbating incident has been posted at various residences and buildings across campus by the University Police Department.

On Oct. 22, a female student spotted a male, with his zipper open, sexually pleasuring himself while walking behind two unknowing females at 4:30 p.m.. The witness described the offender as a white male in his early 20s with reddish-blonde hair, light-eyes and a fair complexion. At the time, he was wearing eyeglasses and baggy clothing.

Also included in the alert is the description of another suspect, in a separate incident, who was spotted naked on the Westminster College front lawn Oct. 23 at 4 a.m..

The man – believed to be in his 40s, 5'10" and weighing approximately 225 pounds – was seen wearing only a mustache and his shoes, police said. The suspect fled across Windermere Road once spotted.

Police hope the crime alert, which also includes safety tips, will not only help their investigation but inform students of concerns at Western, said UPD Const. Wendy McGowan.

"We want to make sure that information is out there for our students," Const. McGowan said. "Student should feel safe walking across campus."

In other crime news, a male, 19, was stabbed with a corkscrew, while attempting to aid a crying female, 20, last Thursday.

The female's acquaintance, a male, took offense to the man and his friend when they asked the woman if she was OK, police said.

An argument erupted and, moments later, the female's acquaintance stabbed the victim with a corkscrew three times, said Const. Ryan Holland of the London Police Force.

Patrolling officers witnessed the event and apprehended the offender, who resisted arrest, Const. Holland said.

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