Volume 95, Issue 37

Wednesday, November 7, 2001
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Disc of the Week

Emergency - Hermits on the loose

Disc of the Week

Bebel Gilberto
Tanto Tempo Remixes

Six Degrees Records

When you're the daughter of a bossa nova legend, people are sure to take notice.

On last year's impressive Tanto Tempo, Bebel Gilberto continued her father's Joao's Brazilian jazz tradition while managing to infuse modern grooves into the mix.

As if her debut record wasn't sublime enough, Gilberto decided to take nine tracks from it and transform them into this 13-track collection of remixes.

Thankfully, the reinterpretations do not completely deviate from their originals – the mixes are subtle, yet still introduce enough new textures to place the songs in new realms.

The remix of the classic "So Nice (Summer Samba)," by Beastie Boys producer Mario Caldato Jr., sends the loungey number to the moon. Injected with swooshes, blips and muffling vocals, the song perfectly exemplifies Gilberto's soothing voice, sounding as if it was transmitted from outer space.

"August Day Song," a Bebel original, is represented thrice on the record. First as a retro synth dance makeover by France's Chateau Flight, second as a trippy and laidback version by Da Lata and, finally and best of all, as an acoustic, hip-hop reworking by King Britt.

The hyperkinetic kitsch of the Faze Action remix of "Close Your Eyes" sounds like something from a Pizzicato Five record.

Let's be honest – most remix records turn out to be disappointing, if not a horrible disaster altogether. Fortunately, the mixes on this album remain faithful to the essence of the first versions of Tanto Tempo. It is a companion record that, like its predecessor, is exotic, subdued and just plain cool.

The weather may be getting colder, but Tanto Tempo Remixed will bring you the fuzzy warmth reminiscent of those faraway days of summer sunshine.

–Brian Wong

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