Volume 95, Issue 37

Wednesday, November 7, 2001
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America has the right to exercise self-defense

Med students, you may cut loose... now!

Med students, you may cut loose... now!

Re: "World at war," Oct. 25

To the Editor:

Quick, everyone buy J&J brand latex gloves and disposable face masks. Anthrax could be anywhere.

This will not only protect you and your children, but it will stimulate the economy. Oh yeah, take some antibiotics too, as a precaution. This will make the patent holding company rich and make strong, antibiotic resistant strains of who knows what.

And you thought the pharmaceutical industry was fat before Sept. 11. Remember, only one company can legally produce the only known antibiotic to treat anthrax.

I am no doctor. I agree that I know somewhere between nothing and almost nothing about immunology, but if I am not mistaken (meds, you can cut loose now) antibiotics are used to treat ailments, not prevent them.

If that is true, there is something very wrong with thousands of postal workers taking medication as a precaution against anthrax infection.

Shouldn't the workers have responded by watching closely for signs of anthrax infection so they can quickly get a professional opinion and then, if need be, treatment?

Andrew Bell

Integrated Engineering/Economics IV

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