Volume 95, Issue 37

Wednesday, November 7, 2001
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Gazette wrong: Atheists don't need proof

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Gazette wrong: Atheists don't need proof

Re: Page 1 caption, Oct. 31

To the Editor:

The Gazette has taken its irresponsible journalistic practices to a whole new

level with the cover photo captioned "Finally, atheists have found the proof

they've been looking for – religious people shoplift too..." and ending in

"And yes, you'll still go to Hell, even if you actually read the stolen

Bible, you sinner, you."

It might be pertinent to outline a few facts The Gazette writing team either neglected to research or scurrilously decided to exclude.

For one, who says atheists need any proof of anything? By their very nature, atheists are already non-religious. This implies they don't need any proof, since they already accept proof from other sources.

Second, your joke about "religious people shoplifting" is illogical. For

one, the fact that one reads the Bible or any other holy book does not

immediately make one religious.

Indeed, as you have pointed out, many city residents are turning to the Bible for answers. I would imagine being called 'religious' would be an affront to some of these people.

Thirdly, I hope that you would further research the basis of Christian

theology before you decide who goes to Hell. Christians believe that calling

a shoplifter a sinner is the same as the pot calling the kettle black.

Simply put, Christians do not believe they are good people (i.e. better than others, perfect and sinless) but rather that they are merely saved and a work in progress.

Finally, Christians also believe if the person reads the Bible with their heart open and wholeheartedly repents of the sin of stealing it by calling on Jesus, then Christians believe the shoplifter will not go to Hell.

I urge The Gazette to carefully research facts before making ridiculous statements. Believe it or not, discrimination comes in all forms, including insults and belittling.

Lawrence Loh

Biochemistry/Chemistry III

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