Volume 95, Issue 38

Thursday, November 8, 2001
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Smoking the old double standard

Hello, Bell? You suck!

One plain old Joe is keeping it simple

Hello, Bell? You suck!

To the Editor:

Hey Western! I have an idea. Come to the University Community Centre, throw all your cash in a huge garbage can and we'll send it over to Bell Canada.

Why? Because this would probably be easier than dealing with their representatives if you have a problem.

As is PAINFULLY obvious, I am the latest in a long line of disgruntled Bell Canada customers. The problem? $300 worth of calls charged to my account to American cities I've never heard of.

How does Bell deal with this? They give me the third-degree about my roommates (my best friends from high school), my Internet connection (Roger's) and signs of break-in (there have never been ANY at my house).

All of this suggests the calls weren't made by us. Then Bell actually calls the suspicious numbers, finding the people on the other end don't know anyone in Canada, let alone London.

So what do they do? Insist we pay the $300 because of a code 8 (directly dialed) appearing beside each call on our phone bill! Does this strike anyone else as weird?

Aren't we in the information age where computer hacking runs rampant? It seems so easy for a hacker or a phreaker to change the code at will. In any case, it is a weak reason for Bell Canada to insist we made those calls in light of the amount of evidence in our favour.

So, we put on a long distance block. The next month we get our bill – this time, we have allegedly accepted six expensive American collect calls on the same day.

I give up Bell and I will be forwarding my life savings to you within the new year ($15 will have to do, I just paid my tuition).

Sumon Chakrabarti

Medicine I

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