Volume 95, Issue 38

Thursday, November 8, 2001
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Smoking the old double standard

Hello, Bell? You suck!

One plain old Joe is keeping it simple

Smoking the old double standard

Re: "Smoker of the week," Nov. 2

To the Editor:

Recently, The Gazette seems to have adopted a socially-conscious, pro-health perspective by publishing those amusing 'Smoker of the Week' (Collect them all before they die!) profiles.

Yet, the paper's blatant hypocrisy manifests itself through the shameless publication of painfully large, full-colour ads sponsored by big tobacco companies, such as the one featured on the back page of Tuesday's issue.

What message is The Gazette sending its readers? Generally, smoking is bad, but smoking cigarettes provided by companies that sponsor arts festivals is OK?

I suggest that The Gazette selects a moral standpoint on this issue and abides by it, instead of conveying two polar opposite messages that are merely an issue apart.

On the one hand, The Gazette could discourage smoking and consistently refuse sponsorship from the tobacco industry.

On the other hand, it could encourage students to kick back with a cancer stick and enjoy the sights and sounds at the friendly, neighbourhood tobacco-sponsored jazz festival.

Derritt Mason


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