Volume 95, Issue 39

Friday, November 9, 2001
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London police continue pursuit of sex stalker

By Chris Lackner
Gazette Staff

A 33-year-old Fanshawe College student was viciously attacked and sexually assaulted on Oct. 19.

Yesterday, a criminal profile of the assailant was released by the London Police Department, in hopes of receiving public assistance in the ongoing investigation.

Det. and LPD superintendent Richard Gillespie said there was no proof the attack was connected to two separate incidents involving a female Fanshawe student on Oct. 11 and another female on Oct. 18.

"We can't rule it out," he said. "There are some similarities and some dissimilarities."

Gillespie said the department is searching for tips from the public on the assailant who is described as a Caucasian male in his early 20s to late 30s with short dark hair, who was seen wearing a dark nylon coat with white striping down the sleeves and a backwards ball cap on the night of the assault.

"No person acts in isolation," he said, concerning the role the public could play in identifying the culprit. "Everyone knows somebody."

Linda Clarke, manager of health, safety and security services for Fanshawe College, said the college has not relented in its campus-wide safety awareness campaign, which began in the wake of the three attacks.

The campaign includes forums, posters, education, increased security and unlimited availability of campus escort, she said.

Det. Serg. Jim Smyth, a specialist in the OPP's behavioral sciences division, said the assailant likely has shown patterns of bizarre behavior and exhibited signs of strange sexual fantasies in the past.

"In our experience, people just don't snap," he added. "The person who committed this offense was looking for a victim."

Smyth helped develop a criminal profile of the attacker. The profile says the attacker:

is a newcomer or has recently returned to London after an extended absence

will be known by those close to him to have a quick temper, anger towards women and an impulsive personality

has a history of violence against women, including the use of weapons

likely suffered a set back in life in the days or weeks prior to the attack

Also, following the attack:

the suspect's behavior will have noticeably changed, becoming more reserved and low-key

the suspect may have spoken to people about making a change in his life, quitting his job or leaving town

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