Volume 95, Issue 39

Friday, November 9, 2001
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U.S. fighting wars to fill SUV gas tanks

Objectified men? That's crazy talk


U.S. fighting wars to fill SUV gas tanks

Re: "America has the right to exercise self-defense," Nov. 7

To the Editor:

In response to Eric Freedman's letter to The Gazette, yes it is true – far fewer innocents will die from United States bombings than the rise of the oppressive Taliban government.

But did Freedman know that the U.S. government, during Russia's invasion of Afghanistan, funded the Taliban efforts to fend off the Russians? The Americans put this regime into power, yet the media and Americans take no responsibility for this action.

When the Cold War was over, Americans had no need for Afghanistan so it went back to its isolated state and left the Taliban government in power.

The Americans also did the same with Iraq, putting dictator Saddam Hussein in power. Iraq was used to keep American oil supplies at stable prices.

Again America went into a state of isolation and did not really dictate a foreign policy, until, of course, Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. This prompted America to act, again, not because they were worried about innocent lives, but rather, to ensure American consumers wouldn't have to pay too much to fill the tank of his or her new SUV.

Innocent lives continue to be lost in Iraq with the Oil For Food program (the deal allows Americans to get cheap oil in exchange for Iraq getting small amounts of food). Surely this type of policy comes under the definition of terrorism.

Eric Freedman also says the best thing for Afghanistan is for the Americans to destroy the Taliban and put in place a new government. Sadly, history has shown the world that Americans will most likely destroy the country even more by putting a new government in place.

There is no interest other than reassuring the American consumer confidence in the bombing of Afghanistan. Once the U.S. economy returns to growth, Afghanistan will again be ignored.

Asif Rafiq

Administrative and Commercial Studies I

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