Volume 95, Issue 21

Wednesday, October 10, 2001
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New recruits rush to sign up

Western residence fears bomb threat

Terrorism up for debate, says UWO prof

BOG profile: Scott Belton

Left-wing views cause 'uprising'

BOG profile: Scott Belton

By Erin Conway-Smith
Gazette Staff

Running as a candidate for the Board of Governors was not a new idea for Scott Belton, one of three undergraduate students campaigning for one open student representative position on BOG.

"I have been thinking about this since first-year – this has not been a short-term decision," Belton said.

Belton has been at Western for three years and is currently in his first year of the honours business administration program.

In first-year, Belton was the University Students' Council representative for Saugeen-Maitland Hall.

Last year, he was the governmental affairs commissioner, sat on the external affairs committee for the USC and was also on residence staff at Delaware Hall.

Through his involvement with the USC and by living in various Western residences, Belton said he feels he is well connected with the student community.

"I'm always right in touch with a lot of different types of students, on residence and on campus," he said.

He said his ability to articulate student viewpoints in a diplomatic but assertive manner, particularly in intimidating situations, is an important contribution he could make to BOG.

Commitment and preparedness are other important qualities a student representative must possess, Belton said.

"You have to be committed to being here for the next two years, committed to going to meetings and working with various student groups. Being prepared is important because there are only 10 meetings," he said.

It is also important that a successful BOG candidate be able to work well with different individuals on campus, including faculty members, administration and undergraduate students, Belton said.

"I have to look at our position as representing students as a whole. I'd have to make tough decisions if there are contrasting views from different student groups.

"I am looking forward to bringing the goals of all undergraduate students to the table," he said.

Belton emphasized the consideration he has given to running in this election. "This has been a careful decision. I will be here for the next two years – my future at Western is not in question when it comes to this position," he said.

"I want to do it because people contribute to their school in different ways – this is how I can see myself best [contributing] to Western but not [compromising myself] academically.

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