Volume 95, Issue 22

Thursday, October 11, 2001
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Us? A friendly bunch of kids?

Student finds knowledge beyond school books

Us? A friendly bunch of kids?

Re: "Purple and proud: what does it mean?," Oct. 4

To the Editor:

It's all an image – a facade. At a school where so much emphasis is placed on fashion, it's ironic to know that once this parade is all over, we'll all miss it.

The claim that Western has an infamous reputation for being rich, snotty and proudly purple is, in itself, ignorant.

Western is an absolutely diverse multicultural body of students. By definition, Western students cannot all be anything (other than students of course).

There is a strange phenomenon at Western and it is futile to resist. I myself thought it wouldn't happen to me and, yet, as self-assured and confident as I am, something about this place makes me check my reflection and fuss over my hair the moment I step on campus.

Have you ever noticed the DKNY and Tommy Hilfiger wardrobes of the flood of people waiting in the financial aid line?

We may look the part, but we are not all rich.

What I think most of us fail to realize is "that snobby bitch" is, in reality, likely too shy or afraid to make eye contact for fear she does not fit in.

I challenge you reader – test my theory. Next time you're making your way from one class to another, when you happen upon that beautiful, well-kept young woman, flash her a smile.

I'll bet she'll smile back and you'll see, in that brief moment, a person behind the image and who knows – maybe, just maybe, we're a friendly bunch of kids after all.

Sharon Roberts

Health Science II

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