Volume 95, Issue 22

Thursday, October 11, 2001
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Student finds knowledge beyond school books

Student finds knowledge beyond school books

Re: "Debate rages over Code," Oct. 4

To the Editor:

After reading yet another article in The Gazette on the Student Code of Conduct, I've decided something had to be said.

The moment you turn 18 or move out of your house, you become responsible for yourself. The decisions you make will affect you and that's not anyone else's fault. This is something both students and parents have to realize.

The university community is one of intellectual insight. We attend university to broaden our horizons, not to have them defined for us like bars on a prison cell.

When major events are planned, where the police and other major city personnel have been notified and the necessary precautions have been taken, there should be an option to insure the university is not liable.

It should consist of a legal document stating that the organizers of the event and the university are the ones responsible in the case of any misfortune.

There is also the possibility of having those attending sign a similar document stating they take full responsibility for their own actions and realize they are liable for themselves.

A university is a place of knowledge. Knowledge, my friend, does not always come out of a book. The best kind of knowledge – the kind that leads to wisdom – comes from life.

Let Western students live.

Patricia Munt

Engineering II

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