Volume 95, Issue 23

Friday, October 12, 2001
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"F" word not so frightening



Friday already? Yeah, that's right. That means Recombobulator. Woah kiddies, I know, we're all excited, but lets not have any pee-pee accidents.

Q: Who makes up the CHRW top 20 lists? I haven't heard of any of those bands? 
Gabrielle Groves, History IV

A: "Airplay – it's all based on airplay," says Chris Veit, music director for CHRW.

Q: Who put the "bop" in the bop-shoo-bop-shoo-bop, who put the "ram" in the ramalama-ding-dong? 
–Jesper Cederang, Philosophy III

A: Back in the fifties, pretty much everyone did. 'Til one day James Dean blew his top and declared, "Stop it! Stop that! Don't you realize how stupid you guys look?" From that day forth, people instead maneuvered toothpicks around their mouths in a sexual manner – everyone but the squares, that is.

Q: Did we have great weather this week or what? 
–Travis Taylor, Economics IV

A: It was a tough choice, but we'll have to go with 'what.'

Q: Is it uncool to be dropped off at school by your mommy at the university level? 
– James Hepworth, Science II

A: Uh, yeah. Unless your mom is Jason Priestly.

Q: Why are guys such idiots?
–Katie Johnson, Sociology II

A: If guys were smart, who'd buy whoopee cushions and laugh at the wobbly pen trick?

Many thanks to this week's contributors. Next week we'll have a question of the week, the winner of which will receive a cool yo-yo that makes cool noises when it hits the bottom. Send all questions to the Recombobulator c/o The Gazette: gazette.opinions@uwo.ca.

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