Volume 95, Issue 23
Friday, October 12, 2001
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Concern grows on campus

Almost a week into the war on Afghanistan, several student groups at Western are concerned by US-led air strikes against terrorist targets and the possibility of retaliation.

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Fiddler opens new audiology centre

here was good news heard by all yesterday, with the grand opening of Western's own National Centre for Audiology at Elborn College.

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©Lauren Staff/Gazette
THERE WAS SOMETHING OFF ABOUT SANTA - OR MAYBE THIS WASN'T SANTA AT ALL. Fiddler Natalie MacMaster and her new friend Jake had a jam session at Elborn College on Thursday. In a related story, the real Santa is dead.


New Free Press? Same old shit

The London Free Press may have invested $14.4 million into a new printing press but it might want to throw a few more dollars at its editing department.

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BOG profile: Dave Brebner

Plenty of USC experience is what candidate Dave Brebner said he has to offer to the Board of Governors.

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Grayline puts the fun back into rock

As Ingersoll, Ontario-based punk band Grayline explains, being in an Indie band sometimes means having to make some difficult choices.

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