Volume 95, Issue 23

Friday, October 12, 2001
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New Free Press? Same old shit

By Joel Brown
Gazette Staff

The London Free Press may have invested $14.4 million into a new printing press but it might want to throw a few more dollars at its editing department.

An error-ridden media release sent to local media yesterday caught the attention of its recipients more for its punctual errors and oversights than its boasting of the paper's new printing press.

Gazette editors were able to catch a few of the errors their Free Press peers did not:

1. A spacing error at the top of the page caused the word 'ignite' to appear in the release as 'ignit e.'

2. A picture of Our Lady Peace's Raine Maida was connected to a "teaser" – a promo for articles in other sections that often appears on a newspaper's front page – for a story on the 2001 Buick Regal.

3. Quotation marks were added in the middle of a quote from Editor-in-Chief Paul Berton.

Berton explained he had no involvement in the actual release.

"I didn't [write the release] so I don't know why the mistakes would be there," he said.

Berton's business card was attached to the release and the release itself listed Berton as the individual to contact for further information.

Several members of the Western community were less than stunned by the paper's lack of editing prowess.

"I'd edit it myself and send it back if it were sent to me," said David Spencer, a professor in the faculty of information and media studies.

Fourth-year geography student Jeff Hignett said he was not surprised by the Free Press' screw ups.

"When I [subscribed], the sections were never in their proper order and it seemed like everyday they were apologizing or making a correction for something," he explained.

"I stopped my subscription when they started to put stories like a construction worker beating a raccoon to death on their front page," he added.

Gazette Editor-in-Chief Aaron Wherry was not impressed.

"This would never happen at The Gazette. Clearly a new printing press has not solved all the problems at the Free Press," he said.

"If they're looking for a decent copy editor, I might be in need of a job come May."

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