Volume 95, Issue 24

Tuesday, October 16, 2001
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Clinique - 1
BOG - 0

Two out of three student candidates for the Board of Governors talked politics at a media forum held in the University Community Centre atrium yesterday.

Too bad no one was there to hear them – unless you count the student media, a couple of University Students' Council-types and the overflow crowd from the Clinique display, which hogged three-quarters of the atrium space.

Western students can't be blamed for being apathetic this time around though – how can anyone attend an event if they don't even know about it?

There was no publicity for this forum – there wasn't even a sign telling students what the event was and who the two guys wearing ties were.

It is the responsibility of the USC's chief returning officer to publicize the election and to make sure students get out and vote.

The attendance record of this forum speaks for itself.

Western administration offers little help when it comes to the promotion of student BOG elections. It was given to the USC to take care of and in this year's case, they did absolutely nothing.

Last year, the crop of candidates was both larger and stronger and the publicity was far superior. There is no obvious runaway winner this year, whereas last year, Melissa Parker was a clear-cut winner.

And where, oh where has Luke Petrykowski gone?

Speaking of missing – Savtaj Brar, where has he been for both forums?

He may have the medical students' votes behind him, but he isn't putting forth the image of someone who will represent the views of all students when he doesn't bother to show up to the forums. No one seems to even know who he is, let alone what he stands for.

The other two candidates are Scott Belton and Dave Brebner – a naive rookie and an overdone veteran. Both Ivey keeners looking to pad their portfolios, each saying the typical election-type things and both saying nothing new.

At least they made the effort to show up.

Yet that could be the single thing candidates need to prove – when it comes down to it, the BOG position has little real influence.

While BOG is the most important governing body here at Western, the two undergraduate student voices are whispers barely heard in a crowd of bigwigs.

Realistically, what can we expect from these candidates, apart from intelligence and a good attendance record?

Maybe attendance isn't even a prerequisite – a guy who hasn't shown up to either forum could still win, – further exemplifying the uselessness of these forums and this year's election campaign.

Then again, maybe with a little promotion and better organization, yesterday's forum could have held more importance in the eyes of candidates and students alike.

We at The Gazette usually encourage all students to vote, but with a complete lack of confidence in all of the candidates and a farce of an electoral campaign, we cannot in good conscience do so at this time.

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