Volume 95, Issue 24

Tuesday, October 16, 2001
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Protecting the president's groin area

Protecting the president's groin area

To the Editor:

Well, here we go. The inevitable has arrived. I suppose that's why they call it the inevitable.

For a second, George W. Bush actually had me believing that diplomacy, not military dominance and obliteration, may be the chosen option of the United States.

That possibility, however, has blown up in a similar fashion to the entire compliment of the Taliban Air Force, so-called terrorist training camps, anti-aircraft targets and adjacent buildings operated by the United Nations. All in a matter of days.

How much longer can the coalition led by the Americans, with the British behind by only a length at the first turn, continue to bombard this arid area with missiles and bombs? Another day? Another week?

What concerns me most, however, is that the top brass of the U.S. government momentarily swayed me into thinking that a raid of bombs and cruise missiles may not be the best response.

Am I already a helpless victim of the propaganda machine?

Nothing would make the spirit of bin Laden happier than to see the American-led coalition attack Iraq again. That would certainly destabilize Arab support for American actions in the region.

These actions would likely be condemned by other major powers such as Russia and China. Even moderate Muslims would sour on the idea of offering support to those that bin Laden and other Muslim extremists refer to as "infidels." The war, for both sides, would prove to be nastier.

George W. Bush, the chief infidel, would have to wear a suit of armour at all times that covered him from head to toe. Except, of course, for his groin area, which has been safely guarded by British Prime Minister Tony Blair for the last month or so.

Seneca Sanford
Research Associate,
Department of Plant Sciences

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