Volume 95, Issue 24
Tuesday, October 16, 2001
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The world at war

Anthrax hysteria continued around the globe as United States-led attacks in Afghanistan intensified.

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BOG candidates speak to the masses

Board of Governors candidates Scott Belton and Dave Brebner answered questions from the student media yesterday at a forum in the University Community Centre.

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ęDave Van Dyck/Gazette
CUE THE ANVIL. Scott Belton (background) answers questions at the BOG media forum in the UCC, as Dave Brebner (foreground) smiles unknowingly, moments before an anvil fell from the divine unknown -- stars and birdies reportedly circled his head. God bless comedy. .

Experts say no need for Anthrax paranoia

Although security and fear are on the rise, Western's academic community urges caution, not paranoia, in the wake of a series of anthrax scares in the United States.

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Techies get university of their own

With the introduction of a new post-secondary institution, the gap between universities and colleges may be slowly diminishing.

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Beth Kerim/Gazette
IF MEMORY SERVES ME RIGHT - The winners of the Iron Chef Contest at Essex Hall pose with their trophy on Saturday. Chairman Takeshi Kaga was not in attendance, though some of his clothing was.

Wanted: two Bandits guilty of overdone plot

The eccentric duo of Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton have a capacity for adventure and danger that doesn't add up in this part soap opera, part crime-drama flick.

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Failed comeback in Kingston
 Sluggish start seals Western's fate

Sooner or later the Western Mustangs are going to have to learn it's tough to get a leg up on the opposition with one foot in the grave.

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