Volume 95, Issue 24

Tuesday, October 16, 2001
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BOG candidates speak to the masses

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UWO United Way kicks-off

BOG candidates speak to the masses

By Erin Conway-Smith
Gazette Staff

Board of Governors candidates Scott Belton and Dave Brebner answered questions from the student media yesterday at a forum in the University Community Centre.

Candidates were asked about their contact with current BOG student representatives in preparation for this election.

"I don't think I needed much more information about what went on at the Board of Governors because I was at almost every [BOG] meeting last year," Brebner said.

Belton said during the campaign period he has spoken with both departing BOG student member Joel Adams and continuing member Melissa Parker, as well as former member Michael Rubinoff.

During the forum, Belton was asked if he felt he could represent all undergraduate students at Western given his position as a third-year student.

"It's a matter of going to specific faculties and being willing to work with them," Belton said, adding it is important to recognize different faculties have different approaches to issues.

Brebner was asked what he thinks he has accomplished since the election for USC VP-finance that would give students confidence in him. During his election for VP-finance, a significant number of ballots were spoiled as a vote of non-confidence.

Brebner said, after seeing his performance as VP-finance, voters would now have full confidence in him. "Non-confidence became confidence," he said.

On the issue of university privatization, Brebner said he was not necessarily opposed to the idea, but that it would be a question of access to funding for students.

"If it's valuable, if it benefits you in the long term, then I don't see any harm in it," he said.

Belton said he is completely opposed to the idea of privatization until the provincial government demonstrates it will provide funding to make private universities accessible to students.

Candidate Savtaj Brar did not attend the forum and gave no reason for his absence, explained Jordan Glick, chief returning officer for the University Students' Council.

Brar said he regretted not showing up at the forum, but explained he had a mandatory clinical class to attend at the hospital.

"I definitely feel they've hurt me," he said of missing the media and earlier University Students' Council forums. "The chips are stacked against me, not being a veteran of politics here."

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