Volume 95, Issue 25

Wednesday, October 17, 2001
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Watchmen release innovative collection

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The Watchmen


It's been three years since Winnipeg-bred rockers The Watchmen released their last album, Silent Radar, and judging from their new release, Slomotion, a lot can happen in three years.

For starters, long-time drummer Sammy Kohn has parted ways with the band. Instead of finding a replacement, guitarist Joey Serlin, vocalist Daniel Greaves and bassist Ken Tizzard turned to drum machines and Pro Tools software to create exciting new sounds without changing the group's dynamics.

Those expecting the old school equation of bass+guitar+drums=rock will certainly be surprised with the electronic beats that dominate Slomotion's 8 new tracks.

The Watchmen have completely modified and amplified their previously guitar-driven sound in lieu of melodic, ambient tracks such as "I Like It." Even their previous hit "Stereo" has been remixed and re-introduced in a wild new drum and bass style.

The band members recorded the majority of tracks as individual parts in the comfort of their homes. Eventually, they met in the studio and, with the help of producer Rhys Fulber (Delerium) and DJ Iain, put the parts together to form Slomotion's innovative collection of songs.

Hardcore fans of the band's old sound may reject ambitiously experimental tracks like "Together," which features an abundance of electronic drum beats and layered, almost choral vocals.

The beautiful ballad "No Longer Mine" seems to be the middle ground between the Watchmen's past and future, as it features minimal electronic tinkering and instead, focuses on Greaves' soulful trademark vocals.

Included with the new disc is a greatest hits CD featuring nine of the Watchmen's best songs from their four previous albums. The greatest hits disc is titled Rewind, while the new disc is called Fast Forward.

Overall, Slomotion is a great record that acts as a testament to a talented Canadian band who's not afraid to grow.

–Maggie Wrobel

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