Volume 95, Issue 25

Wednesday, October 17, 2001
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Clinique versus a girl and her oily skin

Clinique versus a girl and her oily skin

To the Editor:

I woke up this morning and drearily reached for my remote control. Immediately, I was bombarded with images of heightening warfare and widespread terror.

And that's when it hit me – I've got oily skin.

As the shock wore off, I felt an obligation to my student body to eradicate this detrimental social flaw. Who was I to walk around with oily skin? Didn't I realize what I was subjecting Western to?

Just when I thought there was no hope of ever redeeming my social affluence, a saviour came to me. It was dressed in pastel canopies and white technician jackets.

A three-step skin care system developed to make any skin great. Clinique had arrived to dissolve any fears of a third world war and replace them with new fears of dry and flaky skin.

It's the fourth week of an international crisis and Western students are informed and aware – informed of Fido's evening and weekend plan. Aware of Volkswagen's incredible student savings.

Just in case we forget, we have a two week supply of Dove and Clinique products to take home with us. It's time to replace this corporate invasion with co-operative innovation.

Everyone on this campus has a voice. It is our obligation as citizens in an active democracy to bring our individual voices together and make them heard.

Maybe we can't stop Clinique's clarifying lotion-crazed technicians from overtaking our community centre, but we can choose to not involve ourselves with it.

We could even take it one step further and call some people together to protest it. You don't have to be part of a student council or Amnesty International to call up some friends and organize a peaceful protest or hold an information session.

Let's unite and demonstrate dedication and concern for relevant social concerns.

Patricia Feehely


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