Volume 95, Issue 25

Wednesday, October 17, 2001
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Men serving up perfection

Tough tennis played in Montreal

Refs pull the blind act

Birdies fly 'Stangs way

Squashed competition

Men serving up perfection

By Dave Martin
Gazette Staff

The York University men's tennis team visited Western this past weekend and just like every other Mustang opponent this season, York emerged with a chalk mark in the loss column.

With the 5-2 victory, the Western men's team is now a perfect 5-0, sitting alone atop the OUA standings.

It is no secret as to what the key to success has been this year for the team – tremendous depth. Coach Anthony Glavanic said he received a pleasant surprise in training camp.

"We didn't have any great expectations heading into the year, but within the first day or two of tryouts we realized that we had a lot more than six guys that could play for this team," Glavanic said.

Assistant coach Dino Sartoretto was modest about his early season predictions.

"We knew we'd have a good team, but to be 5-0 [in the standings], no, I can't honestly say I'd have forecasted that," Sartoretto said. "Every year you really have no idea about what the other schools are going to be like, so it's hard to judge where our team might stand."

Although the undefeated record is very impressive, head coach Anthony Glavanic says he does not have an all-out dominating team.

"We've had some very close matches – a couple 4-3 victories which are definitely not blow-outs. There are a lot of really good teams this year, but all of our guys have played extremely well when it counts," Glavanic said.

Team captain Asier Ania said contributions are coming from every one of the 12 players on the team.

"There are guys who have played well enough to be in the line-up week-in, week-out, but if everyone's going to get a chance, there just isn't enough room. Every week we've got guys sitting off [who] could probably beat a lot of guys around the league," said Ania.

Glavanic agreed, wishing he could've had two teams this year to give a fair opportunity to all his players.

"We've got enough guys to have a Western A and a Western B team and both would have been really competitive. Depth is something you always want, but this year, it makes it hard as a coach because there are more than six guys who have played well enough to be in the starting lineup.

"The players have handled [the lack of playing time] very well though, always cheering each other on, no matter who is on the court," Glavanic said.

Beth Kerim/Gazette
I THOUGHT THIS WAS TENNIS, NOT BASKETBALL. Men's Tennis player Sean Weinberg reaches to the sky to return this ball.

With only two weeks left until Western hosts the OUA Championships, the coaching staff is going to have to start making tough choices to prep their team for the final stretch.

"We've got guys like Jamie Rust and Brendan Dunn who didn't play last week, but have been outstanding the entire season. Dino and I will have to compare our own starting line-ups, but without a doubt, there's going to be some tough decisions," Glavanic said.

Both coaches know everyone and their mother will be gunning for Western and are instilling in their team that they must play their absolute best in order to win the big prize.

"Anything can happen once you reach the playoffs which is why we've got to keep our guys fully focused and at the top of their games come championship time," concluded coach Sartoletto.

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