Volume 95, Issue 26

Thursday, October 18, 2001
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News Briefs

Gay clubs on campus to represent

By Kristina Lundblad
Gazette Staff

Two new gay and lesbian clubs are forming at Western and are hoping to be here to stay.

GLOW (Gays and Lesbians of Western) and QWO (Queers of Western Ontario) are still in the beginning stages, but both hope to be ratified as official University Students' Council clubs in January.

Jen Leppard, a third-year kinesiology student and organizer of GLOW said she is anxious to get the club formed.

"Ten per cent of the population is assumed to be gay or lesbian and when that figure is applied to Western, that makes [3,000] students," Leppard said. "That's a lot of students whose needs potentially aren't being met."

Leppard explained GLOW is a club that aims to be politically active and heighten student awareness of homosexuality, as well as acting a social club and a support group.

Drew Macfarlane, the organizer of QWO and a first-year arts student describes QWO as a social club that will also have discussion forums.

He said he hopes QWO will raise awareness among all students at Western.

"[At Western] there is a general homophobia, but it is not that severe," he said. "Some people are not conscious of how some of their insults can really hurt people."

Macfarlane was also encouraged by the positive reaction he received from Western's administration.

"Administration has been very accepting – we got a very warm reception from all of the residences," he said.

VP-campus issues Sera Vavala agrees there is a need for these clubs at Western and said she foresees a fair amount of success, despite the lack of success of previous clubs.

USC VP-student affairs Wes Brown said there are many advantages to becoming a USC club, including getting free tables and space during Clubs Week, having access to the USC's insurance policy, financial services and webpage.

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