Volume 95, Issue 26

Thursday, October 18, 2001
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Drag queens tuck, strut with pride

By Kristina Lundblad
Gazette Staff

Some Western guys got a thrill yesterday when they walked into the University Community Centre to see some hot girls strutting. The only catch was – the dancers were all men.

As part of the University Students' Council's Coming Out Week, a drag queen show took place at noon in the UCC atrium.

"The turn out was amazing – the place was jumping," said USC pride commissioner Ross Pryde.

The show featured three dancers, who used the stage names Ashley Blake Coutoure, Terran Blake Daniels and Kirstyn Glass. The music ranged from Liza Minnelli to Britney Spears and featured can-can kicks and cartwheels.

"This is a celebration of all different types of gay culture," said Women's Issues Network co-ordinator Nicole Nelson. "There are some kids in your class you don't even know are gay and there are some that wear skirts at night."

"I think Wednesday was Ross's Out and Proud day for Coming Out week," said USC VP-campus issues Sera Vavala. "Transgender and cross-dressing is just one segment of the gay and lesbian population."

Western students watching the show had mixed reactions.

"It's great – they're having so much fun. I admire them for doing what they want and not caring what anyone thinks," said Mikayla Goving, a second-year psychology student at King's College.

"I don't think I'll look at Britney the same ever again," said Mike Hoben, a second-year biology student, in reference to dancer Kirstyn Glass's "I'm a Slave 4 U" dance.

Shane Beekhoo, a third-year political science student said the show was funny, but added, "It's kind of making me sick to my stomach."

Some students noted how hard it was to remember the dancers were really men.

"Believe it or not, some of them are actually pretty attractive," said Anthony Macaluso, a third-year political science student. "The blond one's pretty hot."

After the show, the dancers spoke about how much they enjoy performing, but added they find women's clothing uncomfortable.

"How do [women] wear these things all the time?" Daniels said of her high heels. "They hurt like hell on me."

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