Volume 95, Issue 27

Friday, October 19, 2001
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Square Root of who?

Margaret and her four boys

By Alena Papayanis
Gazette Writer

Square Root of Margaret – born and bred in Chatham, Ontario – is a product of the cultural void they call home, where anything goes and there's not a lot to do.

Po Kadot, DenDen #7, Clarke Smart and Joshua Brisco, Esq. play their music as if there are no rules, according to guitarist Brisco. "There's not really a theme [to our music]. When music comes, it comes and you just go with it," he says.

SROM's boundless musical limits have always led to a unique set of songs, culminating in the more complex sound of their third and latest album, Endless Rotation. Of all their albums, the band is most proud of this one.

"It has a lot of the songs we like the best which all have a long thought process put into them. It's definitely the special one for us," Brisco says, adding the new album has a diverse sound aptly showcasing their talent.

"There's a track or two that's like country music, there's some real poppy stuff that's gentle and nice and then it could switch into a killer, heavy-rhythm, hardcore rock song. You have to just play it, put it on random and let it choose itself," he says.

The assumption that being Indie means making little pay has not discouraged the hard-working guys of SROM.

"It's definitely a challenge, but it's also more free. We pretty much have an open book. We can go any which way at any time on any level so there's a wide open door for us."

According to Brisco, this open door leads to the open path the band often take; an endless winding road without medians, chevrons or speed limits to control their music, sound or tight, symbiotic friendships.

Gazette File Photo
"THE FACT WE'RE STILL TOGETHER AND FRIENDS IS A MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT." Square Root of Margaret get close and cuddly at Call the Office tonight.

Although Endless Rotation is the band's most mature album to date, SROM consider their continual friendships to be their greatest non-musical accomplishment.

"The fact we're still together and friends is a major accomplishment," Brisco says. "We're all music lovers and that's what guides us."

The ensemble's style is about seeking new sounds and new ideas, he continues. "If we get an idea, we'll apply it if we can. A lot of the time there are crazy sounds we'll hear elsewhere and we'd like to be able to use that somehow. We try to use what we can find, [take] the resources we have available and go with it."

For SROM, music is their goal and their mantra is "more music anywhere, anytime."

"Of course, we work on the side and do other stuff to live and survive, but that would be our main goal, just to play everywhere," Brisco says.

While their name – Square Root of Margaret – may not make sense to the greater public, it makes a lot of sense to the band; it's all part of their own language, Brisco explains.

"I don't think it's supposed to [make sense]. It didn't even [make sense] when we made it [up]. I think that's part of the reason why we [decided to have Square Root of Margaret as our name]. It's just so ridiculous and everyone always had a big question mark above their heads."

Like the band name, their music is a part of their own random musical language they both live by and entertain crowds with. They prefer smaller crowds where they can let loose and enjoy themselves.

"That's our cup of tea, our perfect venue," Brisco says, promising SROM performances are always entertaining.

"[Our show is something you've] never heard before. It's always a good mellow time, you can sit back and enjoy it in the corner or you can come up front and dance. We have good crowds [that] follow us and of course the music will blow your ears off."

Square Root Of Margaret plays tonight at The Brunswick Hotel. Admission is free.

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