Volume 95, Issue 27

Friday, October 19, 2001
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Brar, Brebnar suffer electoral defeat

By Joel Brown & Kristina Lundblad
Gazette Staff

Only 30 votes stood between last night's second and third-place finishers.

Second-year honours business administration student Dave Brebner, finished with 363 votes, while second-year medicine student Savtaj Brar ended up with 333.

Brebner, last year's University Students' Council's VP-finance, was a little surprised by the final tally of his votes.

"I didn't get as many votes as I was expecting," he said. "But it's nice to know at least 300 people still believe in what I'm saying and what I'm trying to do."

The relationship between Brebner and winner Scott Belton, who have known each other well throughout their time at Western, made the final outcome easier to swallow, Brebner said.

"Belton's going to do a great job," Brebner said. "We said to each other, before the final results came in, that we wanted one of us to win.

"I think The Gazette's shot at him being naive is completely wrong. He's got a lot of experience," he said. "He's level-headed, very calm and collected. He is going to take the time and effort to make sure he represents the students well."

Brebner said he was not surprised by the close finish between himself and Brar, despite the latter's absence at key campaign forums.

"He went out and got backed by his faculty," Brebner said. "I give him a lot of credit for that."

Brebner said his extensive involvement with the USC and splitting the business school vote with Belton hindered his final result.

"A lot of people believed we needed someone who is not on the USC to represent the students," he said.

Second-year medicine student Savtaj Brar, although disappointed at his loss, said he was happy with the campaign he ran.

"I feel good – I'm happy about the message I had of transparency and accountability," Brar said, immediately following the results.

When questioned on why he did not attend any of the scheduled BOG forums, held by the USC, Brar said other avenues of campaigning were more important.

"The forums had bad scheduling for me – I think [The Gazette] and [CHRW 94.7FM] made more of an influence than the forums," he said.

Brar said he believes he was not only supported by medicine students, but by other Western students. Despite his lack of appearance at the forums, Brar said he actively campaigned on campus.

He admitted by missing forums he could have sacrificed some votes and, looking back, it maybe would have made a difference.

However, Brar was satisfied with his effort overall.

"I hope people saw my campaign as one of substance, ideas and progress and not just political fluff," he said.

Brar said he was surprised how little the Western student population knew about BOG.

"It'll be a lot of work for [current BOG member] Melissa Parker and Belton to inform students of the importance of BOG."

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