Volume 95, Issue 18

Tuesday, October 2, 2001
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Flexing your U.S. muscle

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Flexing your U.S. muscle

To the Editor:

Explaining social phenomena is a difficult task. The terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 cannot be attributed to any single cause.

However, if the goal is to reduce terrorism, we must proceed to understand the scope of the problem, including the role of the United States.

Unfortunately, the United States is partly responsible for breeding anger and hatred towards its own nation.

Seemingly, American policies have crippled many nations and killed innocent civilians in the Middle East to promote "national interests" (i.e. energy interests) of corporations and government.

I believe the American government has supported corrupt and brutal leaders and dictatorships to oversee their interests. For example, Saddam Hussein in Iraq and the Ayatollah in Iran. This begs the question: who brings the almighty United States to justice?

Innocent civilians always suffer the consequences of policy makers – that is, corporations and government. It is time we demand true accountability from those who dictate policies in the global community and undermine the democratic process.

Terrorist acts are unjustifiable in any place and time. However, increasing military spending and flexing one's military muscles in the international community will not solve this multi-faceted problem.

Sanctions and large scale military aggression towards Afghanistan are not going to cripple the supposed perpetrators and "send a message to terrorists."

Instead, civilians will take the brunt of such actions and ill feelings towards the United States will only be exacerbated.

While I believe the perpetrators of the horrendous acts must be brought to justice, let's not retaliate with actions that will kill innocent people and proceed to justify them through perverse notions of "freedom."

Let the tragedy illustrate to us that killing innocent people is despicable.

Nicholas Spence

Sociology MA candidate

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