Volume 95, Issue 18

Tuesday, October 2, 2001
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Have fun while I have a dump

Have fun while I have a dump

Re: "Rez chaos: Outcasts still waiting for rooms," Sept. 27

To the Editor:

Any first-year student complaining about having a temporary room should relax!

I am a first-year student from Mississauga who had never been to London before I got into Western late because I had to make up a class in summer school. When I got in, they told me I would have to find my own place to live, but that they would put me on the waiting list.

I looked at my place over the Internet. When I got there, it had seemingly underwent nuclear war. There is little to no hot water and I don't have the ease of living on campus.

I have gone from 30th to 60th to 15th on the waiting list and I haven't moved since frosh week. Perhaps if the university took some frosh into account and kicked out those 'rez-for-life' bums, they could make some progress towards their goal of getting all of us into rez.

The housing office should also consider keeping the temporary rooms set up after they are vacated – I know I would take one flat!

You frosh who have a place to live should count yourselves lucky. You have fun and friendship in rez, I have a dump.

Ian Howes

Arts I

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