Volume 95, Issue 18

Tuesday, October 2, 2001
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News Briefs

Students politicos clamour for BOG seats

By Erin Conway-Smith
Gazette Staff

The starting gate has opened and this year's field of candidates for undergraduate student positions in Senate and on the Board of Governors are off and running.

The campaign period officially began yesterday and will continue until Oct. 16, said Jordan Glick, chief returning officer for the University Students' Council.

Western students can vote online for their BOG and Senate favourites on Oct. 17-18, at www.uwo.ca/univsec/e2002.html.

Three students are running for one open BOG position, while 26 are vying for various Senate positions, explained Lorel Cline, associate university secretary.

Of the Senate candidates, 18 are running for six senator-at-large positions, while the others are competing for positions in several Senate faculty constituencies.

Last year saw eight students run for BOG and 28 for Senate.

Two forums will test the mettle of BOG candidates, the first taking place at the USC meeting on Oct. 10 and the second, at a media forum in the University Community Centre atrium on Oct. 15.

Candidates for both BOG and Senate will be spending significantly less on their campaigns this year, Glick said.

BOG candidates will be subject to a $125 maximum spending limit, while candidates running in Senate elections will be limited to $125 for senators-at-large and $75 for all other Senate positions, he said.

Last year, BOG candidates had a maximum of $250 to spend on their campaigns, as did senator-at-large candidates, while Senate candidates from other constituencies could spend $125.

"We didn't want to discourage anybody from not being able to run in the elections because of financial reasons," Glick said.

Joel Adams, departing student representative for BOG, said his position is important because it allows for real influence at Western.

"This is one of the most important positions a student – anyone – can hold at the university.

"[BOG candidates] need to be very good at working with a diverse group of people both inside and outside of BOG," he added.

BOG undergraduate student candidates:
Scott Belton 
Savtaj Brar
David Brebner

Senate undergraduate student candidates:

At-large (six to be elected):
Nicholas Badeen 
Arzie Chant
Kamal El-Saloussy 
Shawn Gibson 
Fawzi Irani 
Kevin Kuo
Sabrina Kwon 
Kyla Lamarche
Livia Lee 
Rickey Li
Joshua Morgan 
Sara Morgan 
Brad Nicpon 
Sherryn Rambihar
Ann Ranson 
Ariel Shafro
Dave Vaillancourt 
Paul Yeoman
Affiliated colleges:
Chris Sinal - acclaimed
Theo Tutkaluk - acclaimed

Arts and Music:
Meagan Timney - acclaimed

Business, Education, Engineering Science and Law (one to be elected):
Orabi Abouali 
Mitchell Fong

Health Sciences (one to be elected):
Alan Kahn 
Jonathan Richardson

Nicole Nelson - acclaimed

Social Science and Information and Media Studies (two to be elected):
Duane Baxter 
Robert Isenberg
Clifford Seto 
Cierra Watson


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