Volume 95, Issue 28

Tuesday, October 23, 2001
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Long wait for beer money... err... OSAP

By Ryan Dixon
Gazette Staff

Students hoping to obtain their OSAP loans might be well advised to bring a good book, as lengthy line-ups continue to hinder the financial aid process.

While long waits are nothing new to students on OSAP, this year's lines are moving exceptionally slow. Western's director of Student Financial Services and Academic Records, Glen Tigert, explained the root of the delays.

"There have been changes in the way OSAP is being administered from an [Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities] standpoint," Tigert said. "There are more validations and more document clarification needed."

Tigert said the complicated process leads to many forms being returned from the ministry for clarification by the university. This "recycling" of papers has delayed the processing of OSAP applications, he explained.

The ministry's policy of cross-referencing material with the Ministry of Transportation and the Ministry of Human Resources and Development has also slowed proceedings, he said.

"They will check against the Ministry of Transportation to see if a student has a car and to see if the value of that car is equal to what the student registered," Tigert said.

The wait for OSAP has also affected other financial aid opportunities at Western. Undergraduate Bursary and Work/Study co-ordinator Dorathy Cochrane said there is a domino effect in place.

"We need to determine the amount of OSAP a student is getting before determining Work/Study and bursaries," Cochrane said.

Tigert said people waiting in line at the Office of the Registrar are there for a variety of administrative reasons, not necessarily just to process OSAP.

Second-year administrative and commercial studies student Mark Schoemer was one of the people in line waiting for OSAP. "It's annoying and frustrating," Schoemer said. "If they had someone out here answering questions, it would take care of half the line-up."

Tigert said the increased congestion has required additional staff.

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