Volume 95, Issue 28

Tuesday, October 23, 2001
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So hang on, studying my ass is not useful?

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So hang on, studying my ass is not useful?

To the Editor:

The words 'I choose not to vote' command about as much political respect as a half-eaten Cheerio.

But I don't think my saying them should immediately classify me as an intellectual miscarriage of the educational system.

That's what I was forced to say today when I had my integrity crucified by students in the University Community Centre who were encouraging students to vote by use of guilt.

Basically, I chose not to vote, not because I think democracy is a waste of my time, but rather because that particular election is.

To be blunt, it's not a relevant enough cause for the amount of contemplation it entails. From a utilitarian standpoint, I have a certain amount of time and analyzing the candidates is not as beneficiary as studying my ass, so I may have a rosier, election-laced future.

I think not voting is a shame, but being forced to vote for something I have no clue about is even more wrong.

An ignorant ballot is worse than a mute voice in the herd because it may choose the less-qualified party.

I have classes to ace, so the election can come and go without me, and I don't think that I should be made to feel like a clown for refusing to tick-off a candidate's alien name for some relatively insignificant position.

Joshua Levy

History III

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