Volume 95, Issue 28
Thursday, October 23, 2001
Tossed Salad
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Two Fanshawe students attacked
Fears spreading of sex stalker

A string of attacks on three females, including two Fanshawe College students, has police asking all London women to be on alert.

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The world at war

The scope of America's bioterrorism crisis continues to widen, while bombs and words flew in the war on terrorism.

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ęDave Van Dyck/Gazette
LOOK MOM, NO HANDS! Miles Hastie, a second-year law student, pioneers Microsoft's newest piece of computer hardware technology - the genital controlled mouse with optional feedback stimulus. Finally, people will keep their laptops where they belong.

Long wait for beer money... err... OSAP

Students hoping to obtain their OSAP loans might be well advised to bring a good book, as lengthy line-ups continue to hinder the financial aid process.

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Call psychic Bob: Western plans future

Western's strategic plan is steps closer to completion after a second draft was brought to Senate last Friday.

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Western steps into high gear
'Stangs got swagger for playoffs at home

The doubters quietly grumbling behind the backs of the Western Mustangs football team have been growing louder throughout the entire season, but Saturday afternoon, every one of them was left speechless.

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