Volume 95, Issue 28

Tuesday, October 23, 2001
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Biased coverage of Mike HarrisŐ resignation?

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Biased coverage of Mike HarrisŐ resignation?

Re:: "'Mike the knife' cuts himself," Oct. 17

To the Editor:

This article was a blatant attempt to advance a biased and unfavourable opinion of Ontario Premier Mike Harris.

It began as a reasonable account of events, however, the various opinions from around the province were most non-varied. Worse still, the photograph of Premier Harris slanted the whole article and revealed an anti-Harris bias that does not belong on the front page.

Apparently, The Gazette contacted six leaders and was successful in garnering their opinions. Of these leaders, three obviously and predictably had negative views of Harris and two professed more neutral opinions.

The lone support of Premier Harris was copied verbatim from a press release sent by the Ontario Progressive Conservative Campus Association president Adam Daifallah to OPCCA members and campus newspapers – not a response to a question from The Gazette, as the article suggests.

Why, also, did The Gazette not contact the MPP who represents the students, faculty and staff of Western at Queen's Park?

I'm sure the Honourable Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities Dianne Cunningham would have been pleased to offer her opinion and it would have served as a counterpoint to the opinions of Liberal MPP Steve Peters.

Even had the article been written with journalistic ethics, integrity and thoroughness, it would have been undermined by the choice of photograph. Obviously done with intent, it was disrespectful to the premier and offensive to all Canadians who have ever proposed themselves for election or held public office.

Those who stand up as our representatives make great sacrifices and forgo many other opportunities to do that job. Though we may not always agree with them, they deserve our respect and our appreciation.

Sean Kennedy

Software Engineering III

Scott Maskell

Political Science III

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