Volume 95, Issue 29

Wednesday, October 24, 2001
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More Clinique for your purse?

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More Clinique for your purse?

Re: "Clinique versus a girl and her oily skin," Oct. 17

To the Editor:

For those who didn't take Economics 020, here's a short lesson: a market economy such as our's thrives on income.

Every time you spend or invest, every time we sell something to an out of country buyer and every time the government writes a cheque, national income goes up.

In other words, the higher our total income, the more Volkswagens you see on the road and the more Clinique makeup you can put in your purse.

As North Americans, we pride ourselves on the nice things many of us can afford to buy.

Capitalism is one of the Taliban's beefs with the United States.

To shake up capitalism a little, bin Laden hits one of the tallest symbols of American capitalism and those who protect it.

Patricia Feehely would not have us involve ourselves in a simple everyday North American marketing stunt – she would even go as far as to protest it!

Should we really expect companies to keep their business on hold for as long as one month after the events of Sept. 11?

To what end should we (individuals and businesses) continue to stand still because of terrorism planned to disrupt business to begin with.

A business is an organic entity, it can move forwards and backwards, grow and shrink. But if it stops – it's dead.

Don't help those who would see our economy disrupted.

Oliver Williams

Economics IV

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