Volume 95, Issue 29

Wednesday, October 24, 2001
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Fair minority representation

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Fair minority representation

Re: "Out and proud," Oct. 19

To the Editor:

Michael Bailey says "characters of visible minorities are used like moderated accessories or tokens of affected humanitarianism."

He also makes a witty comment saying the only way diversity is seen on campus is in different choices of fall fashions.

His opinion is based on the fact that Western's gay community lacks heavily integrated politically and socially influential organizations.

Perhaps Bailey is correct. Perhaps everyone with different views should have their own political and social representation.

The problem with this is that Western is such a diverse community that we would have nearly as many representatives as students and faculty.

In my eyes, Western's minorities do an excellent job of representing themselves.

Western is, after all, a community. A community where opportunities abound for all to be involved in many aspects. A community where minorities are such an integral part of the society that they need not put extreme efforts into being seen and specifically represented.

Perhaps the views of Bailey and those like him are skewed by their own prejudices.

Adrian Polley

Biology II

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