Volume 95, Issue 29

Wednesday, October 24, 2001
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In search of a well-rounded course offering

In search of a well-rounded course offering

Re: "Vampires, ghosts not educational," Oct. 17

To the Editor:

I have to say I was disturbed by the article about how many interesting courses are not worth having at university according to the Ontario Progressive Conservative Campus Association.

These were courses I had no idea existed and I am glad the article was printed. I think it should be remembered that there is more to university than just taking math and sciences.

Taking courses that would expand one's mind and give further meaning to popular culture such as 'Anthropology Through Science Fiction' and 'The Monstrous Imagination' are certainly worthwhile, even if they aren't conservative, mainstream courses.

Furthermore, courses like Brock's 'Geography and Gender' strikes me as a course that would have a direct and important relation to any gender studies in which one may have interest.

Allana Edge

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